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Youth Self Report Form (YSR) 11-18 Forms (pkg 50)

Author(s): Thomas M. Achenbach
Publisher: ASEBA 2001
SKU code: 104QS
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The Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) School Age 6-18 enables practitioners to efficiently obtain standardised ratings and descriptive details of children's functioning as seen by parents (using the CBCL 6-18) and teachers (using the TRF 6-18). The Youth Self Report (YSR) 11-18 Form also obtains the youth's view of their own functioning.

The Youth Self Report Form (YSR) 11-18 Forms is completed by youths to describe their own functioning. If the youth cannot complete the form independently, it may be presented to them orally.

The problem items in the YSR are written in the first person, and has counterparts of 105 of the CBCL 6-18 problem items and counterparts of 93 TRF 6-18 problem items.

The YSR includes 14 socially desirable items that most youths endorse about themselves.

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Author(s): Thomas M. Achenbach