Webber’s Jumbo Drill Articulation Book (CD-ROM Version)

Author(s) : Sharon Webber & Thomas Webber

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

SKU : 574SW

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Webber's Jumbo Articulation Drill Book includes reproducible drill sheets for target sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions of words, phrases and sentences.

The title contains 1,710 articulation word-pictures plus thousands of individual words, phrases, and sentences, saving teachers countless hours when looking for target word lists, pictures, phrase lists and sentences.

Webber's Jumbo Articulation Drill Book includes:

  • Word lists, pictures, phrase lists, and sentences in initial, medial and final positions for these sounds: R, S, L, (R, S, L Blends, initial only), Z, SH, CH, TH (voiced and unvoiced), F, V, K, G, P, B, T, D, J, H, M, N, and Y.
  • 6,420 target words
  • 3,120 phrases
  • 3,120 sentences
  • 1,710 illustrations with open-ended instructions on all worksheets (record data in boxes provided).
  • Articulation Drill Record Form, Progress Chart, Homework Helper Note and Positive Awards.

The CD-ROM allows you to print the colour or black and white worksheets directly from your computer (in easy-to-use Adobe® Acrobat® format) - quickly find the sheets you require, and print them off for immediate use.

Please note: This item is the drill sheets contained on a CD-ROM that can be printed off - the Webber's Jumbo Artic Drill Book is also available as a spiral bound hard copy book if required.

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Sharon Webber & Thomas Webber