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Weaving Well-Being

Author(s): Mick Rock & Fiona Forman
Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education, 2019


Weaving Well-Being is a research-based mental health program that aims to enhance well-being in children aged 7–12.

Each book in the series introduces students to age-appropriate concepts and skills drawn from the field of Positive Psychology, the science of well-being.

Each lesson (10 lessons per level) consists of a downloadable PowerPoint introduction, along with suggested development ideas and activities for students to complete. The accompanying Student Book allows children to reflect on their learning as they gradually build a highly personal portfolio of work.

Weekly homework activities give students the opportunity to explore how their well-being can be integrated into their daily lives. The included pull-out guide provides parents with all the information they need to actively support their child throughout the program. The information letter for parents and guardians is also available to download here

Research shows that school well-being programs are greatly enhanced when they are introduced in a supportive school culture – Weaving Well-Being provides a whole school guide to the program, which suggests a range of practices for cultivating a positive school environment, and how the Weaving Well-Being program can contribute to its development.

The guide contains three parts, and includes:

  • Ideas to help embed the Weaving Well-Being program in a whole school setting, both before, during and after the 10-week time frame
  • Examples of school practices that promote a culture of well-being on a more general level
  • Suggestions for supporting the well-being of teachers and administrative staff.

Download the whole school guide here.

Author(s): Mick Rock & Fiona Forman