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Visual Analogue Self-Esteem Scale (VASES)

Author(s): Shelagh Brumfitt and Paschal Sheeran
Publisher: Speechmark, 2010
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The classic self-esteem measure for people with communication impairment has been updated and re-launched on CD Rom.

This tried-and-tested resource is the first self-esteem rating scale designed specifically for the aphasic speaker. It can also be used with people with other acquired communication impairments, such as dysarthric speakers, and with learning disabled adults. It provides an opportunity to discuss the patient's feelings by providing a series of pictures which form a point for discussion.

It is short and easy to administer, and provides an overall idea of how the person views themselves and can be used as an outcome measure. The test results can be recorded on the CD Rom and displayed to clearly show any changes in the patient's feelings over a period of time. This is a vital resource for understanding and addressing the impact acquired language impairment has on self-esteem and the loss of self and identity.

Author(s): Shelagh Brumfitt and Paschal Sheeran