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Virtual Leadership

Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams
ISBN13: 9780749475963
Author(s): Penny Pullan
Publisher: Kogan Page, 2016
SKU code: 9780749475963
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The future of work is virtual, with dispersed teams, telecommuting, remote working and virtual meetings becoming the norm in many sectors and industries around the world. At its best, virtual working can be productive and creative, tapping into the best people wherever they are and bringing skills and experience together efficiently and at low cost. But it can also lead to isolated and disengaged workers, ineffective communication, and uncoordinated and even counter-productive activity.

Virtual Leadership discusses how leading a virtual team in our fast-paced world requires a new set of skills and a facilitative leadership approach.  

Virtual Leadership provides practical strategies, tools and solutions for the key issues involved in managing at a distance.

  • How can I provide leadership, motivation and vision through virtual channels?
  • How do I make virtual meetings effective, engaging and productive, and ensure actions are followed through?
  • How do I create engaged and cohesive teams across distance, cultures and languages?
  • How do I stop virtual team members silently checking out, distracted by local challenges and offline issues?

With diverse case studies and examples, this is the essential guide to making a difference as a leader of virtual work.

Author(s): Penny Pullan