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Use of Data in School Counseling

Hatching Results for Students, Programs, and the Profession
ISBN13: 9781452290256
Author(s): Trish Hatch
Publisher: Corwin Press, 2013
SKU code: 9781452290256
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For school counsellors, using data effectively doesn’t have to be a burden. Data can make the difference for today’s embattled school counselling programs, and this insightful book shows how to collect and manage it.

School counseling scholar and advocate Dr. Trish Hatch describes how K–12 counselors can replace “random acts of guidance” with intentional, well-timed interventions, based on student data. Aligned with current research and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards, this essential resource includes a complete set of tools and templates for data collection, action-planning and reporting. Readers will learn how to:

  • Develop a robust counseling curriculum that supports the Common Core Standards and drop-out prevention
  • Replace “random acts of guidance” with intentional, well-timed interventions that are based on student needs
  • Measure progress through pre- and post-assessments
  • Deliver compelling reports that demonstrate your program’s impact

This well-timed book is designed to help school counselling programmes make the most of limited resources and measurably demonstrate how their work improves school performance.

Use of Data in School Counseling  provides clear and straightforward explanations of challenging topics such as data analysis, planning, and evaluation, and discusses how to use data to drive interventions, create action plans, determine curriculum and interventions, create pre- and post-tests, initiate systems changes, and report results.

Author(s): Trish Hatch