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TSCC Profile Forms For Females (pkg 25)

Author(s): John Briere
Publisher: PAR, 1996
SKU code: 601TSC
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The Trauma Symptom Checklist For Children (TSCC) evaluates acute and chronic posttraumatic symptomatology in children from 8-16 years of age, who have experienced traumatic events (such as physical or sexual abuse, major loss, or natural disasters, or who have been a witness to violence).

The 54-item TSCC includes two validity scales (Underresponse and Hyperresponse), six clinical scales (Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Posttraumatic Stress, Dissociation, and Sexual Concerns) and eight critical items.

The alternate 44-item version (TSCC-A) is identical to the TSCC, except it makes no reference to sexual issues (and has no Sexual Concerns scale) and includes seven Critical Items.

Profile Forms are available for Males and Females. Both allow for the conversion of raw-scores to T scores.

The TSCC Profile Forms For Females has the profile for younger females (8-12 years) on one side, and the profile for older females (13-16 years), on the other side.

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Author(s): John Briere