Through Loss

ISBN13 : 9780864316837

Author(s) : Elizabeth J. Bruce and Cynthia L. Schultz

Publisher : ACER Press, 2004

SKU : 0864316836

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Through Loss is a practical and compassionate book designed to inform and support readers in their experiences of loss and grief, such as death, unemployment, relocation and the breakdown of a relationship.

By demonstrating loss and the normal place it occupies in development, the nature of significant or traumatic losses is identified. It aims to help readers manage their current situation, explore ways to cope and achieve better outcomes.

Through Loss can provide readers with different ways of looking at their personal history and re-validate natural feelings of loss that may recur in their life.

Teachers, parents and individuals alike can use this resource to develop coping mechanisms and gain support in their time of loss and grief.

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Elizabeth J. Bruce and Cynthia L. Schultz