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The Rain Flower

ISBN13: 9780855754679
Author(s): Mary Duroux
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press, 2005
SKU code: 4062BK
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The night creatures (possum, wombat, bandicoot, curlew and owl) and the day creatures (kangaroo, cockatoo, emu, echidna, pelican and goanna) all live happily together in a beautiful valley of sweet grass and cool water. But one spring the rain doesn't come and the waterhole dries up.

The Rain Flower is an adventure story about the journey of the night creatures and the day creatures to find a rain flower that will benefit them all. Their journey is one of learning: how to unite, seek advice, give opinion and work together - and their discovery is unexpected. By story's end, readers can embark on their own journey to discover a rain flower.

This is a delightful story of the bush creatures' search for the rain flower to bring the rain, and fill the rivers and waterhole.

Author(s): Mary Duroux