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The Leader Habit

Master The Skills You Need To Lead
ISBN13: 9780814439340
Author(s): Martin Lanik
Publisher: AMACOM US, 2019
SKU code: 5472BK
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In leadership as in life, only practice makes perfect. Habits are powerful. They can lock us into negative behaviors or train us to act automatically in ways that benefit us. Routines quietly undergird large portions of what we do and how we function. Habit formation can speed success in the workplace as well-even in complex areas like leadership.

The Leader Habit spotlights 22 essential leadership abilities, breaking them down into a series of small, learnable behaviours. The accompanying 5-minute exercises help you practice each of these new skills until they stick. Drawn from a study of hundreds of leaders across the globe, the book's simple formula focuses on developing one skill at a time, such as:

  • Sell the vision
  • Delegate well
  • Innovate often
  • Empower others
  • Overcome resistance
  • Build strategic relationships
  • Listen actively
  • Negotiate effectively

Unless you intentionally reinforce the right behaviours, results are fleeting. This book builds the “muscle memory” to turn leadership skills into lasting habits.

Author(s): Martin Lanik