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The Early Years

Development, Learning and Teaching
ISBN13: 9780864311399
Author(s): Edited by Gillian Boulton-Lewis and Di Catherwood
Publisher: ACER Press, 1994
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Children are amazingly competent learners from an early age. Given the right setting, they take in and process all sorts of information.

In fact, children rapidly build a knowledge base of information, skills and procedures which allows them to master most of the features of their world.

The Early Years is a resource for teachers, students, caregivers and health professionals who work with children from birth to eight years. It provides:

  • A complete picture of childhood development. From this picture teachers can build the best into their teaching practice
  • A cognitive perspective and focuses on the young child as an autonomous thinker, learner and problem solver.
Author(s): Edited by Gillian Boulton-Lewis and Di Catherwood