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The Best School for your Child

ISBN13: 9781876451844
Author(s): Erin Shale
SKU code: 9781876451844
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Now more than ever, parents are concerned about which secondary school to send their children to. Selecting the 'right' school is crucial as it will be the world in which their teenager learns to develop socially, emotionally and morally. The right environment can help children enjoy learning, discover their talents and, possibly, their future career path.

The Best School For Your Child offers parents a down-to-earth, practical guide to identifying the sort of school that will best meet the unique needs, qualities and strengths of their son or daughter. It offers real-life stories from parents, children and teachers as to how they assessed qualities in different schools - and what mattered to them. Importantly, The Best School For Your Child demonstrates that to really understand what a school is like, parents need to consider its culture, curricula, reputation, climate, programs and policies.

Author(s): Erin Shale