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Tests of Reading Comprehension (TORCH) 2nd edition

Publisher: ACER Press, 2003
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New Third Edition Now Available - Please note TORCH 2 materials are while stocks last

  • Grasshoppers Answer Sheet no longer available

Range: Years 3-10 and special needs groups

Purpose: To identify comprehension levels, to measure progress and to use content-referenced interpretation to identify those skills requiring further instruction

Administration: Untimed, approximately 30 minutes - individual or group

Tests of Reading Comprehension (TORCH) is a professionally developed reading assessment that has been thoroughly pilot tested in Australian schools. It assists teachers to interpret performance in reading comprehension skills and provides the opportunity to compare student performance with an Australia-wide sample of over 7000 students from years 3 to 10.

TORCH can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • As a broad estimate of reading achievement
  • To help assess the extent to which objectives of the school's reading curriculum are being achieved
  • As confirmation or to supplement other estimates of a student's achievement in reading
  • To provide information which may be used in setting realistic goals and planning effective programs of work
  • To identify students who are making unsatisfactory progress so that they may be given special diagnostic and remedial attention
  • To locate areas of weakness and strength for individuals or within a class
  • To monitor student reading achievement over time

Key Features

  • Australian normative data
  • More information for teachers to select reading passages that are appropriate for students
  • Descriptive report to assist teachers build a picture of a student's developing reading comprehension skills
  • Graded fiction and non-fiction passages to meet class, group or individual needs
  • Norm-referenced interpretation based reported in percentiles and stanines at each year level
  • Content-referenced interpretation based on described levels of achievement

Assessment Content

A set of twelve reading passages graded in order of difficulty, varying in length from 200 to 900 words, including fiction and non-fiction texts. Students read a passage and then use a cloze answer sheet to retell the passage, filling in the gaps in their own words to demonstrate understanding.

Grasshoppers (non-fiction) Year 3

Lizards Love Eggs (fiction) Years 3, 4

At the Zoo (fiction) Years 3, 4

Feeding Puff (fiction) Years 3, 4

Donna Dingo (non-fiction) Years 3, 4, 5

The Cats (fiction) Years 4, 5, 6

The Swamp-Creature (fiction) Years 5, 6

Matches (non-fiction) Years 5, 6, 7

She's Crying (fiction) Years 5, 6, 7

The Accident (fiction) Years 6, 7, 8

The Red Ace of Spades (non-fiction) Years 7, 8, 9, 10

The Purple Children (fiction) Years 9, 10

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