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Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS)

Author(s): Nancy Martin and Rick Brownell
Publisher: Academic Therapy Publications 2005
SKU code: PG_990TAP


Purpose: Identify particular auditory processes that the individual may be having difficulties with, allowing appropriate remediation strategies to be planned

Age: 4-18.11

Time: Approximately one hour

The Test of Auditory Processing Skills-3 (TAPS-3) is used to assess auditory skills necessary for the development, use and understanding of language commonly used in academic and everyday activities – it measures what a person does with what is heard.

Subtests (and items within each subtest) progress from the most basic skills to the most complex. The nine TAPS-3 subtests provide information for four main areas (reflected as Index scores), confirmed by factor analysis. In addition, there is one optional subtest presented on CD.

The indices and subtests are:

Auditory Attention

  • Optional Auditory Figure-Ground screener presented at the start of the test session.

Basic Phonological Skills

  • Subtest 1: Word Discrimination
  • Subtest 2: Phonological Segmentation
  • Subtest 3: Phonological Blending

Auditory Memory

  • Subtest 4: Number Memory Forward
  • Subtest 5: Number Memory Reversed
  • Subtest 6: Word Memory
  • Subtest 7: Sentence Memory

Auditory Cohesion

  • Subtest 8: Auditory Comprehension
  • Subtest 9: Auditory Reasoning

Key Features

  • Partial credit for test responses allow a more accurate rendering of abilities
  • Three index scores (Basic Phonological Skills, Auditory Memory, and Auditory Cohesion) are derived using combinations of subtest scores; these reflect functional areas indicated by current literature
  • Overall score is based on the sum of all subtest scaled scores

The TAPS-3 was developed to be used by speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and other clinicians who have been trained to assess a child's ability to comprehend auditory information.

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Author(s): Nancy Martin and Rick Brownell