Targeting STEM: Year 5

Activity Book

ISBN13 : 9781925726107

Author(s) : Tim Tuck

Publisher : Pascal Press, 2021

SKU : 5554BK

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The Year 5 Targeting STEM Journal is an exciting combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

It provides 42 projects for students to work on independently or in groups using a range of commonly available resources. Each project contains four steps with a picture list of requirements and just enough explanation for launching students on their journeys of discovery.

Each project includes a journal page with:

  • space to write about the project and sketch out ideas
  • charts to complete with data from the experiments
  • more step-by-steps to take the project further
  • interesting facts and trivia about the subject and questions to extend thinking.

All the units cover curriculum content for several subject areas, including Digital Technologies.

A table with the ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) code correlations is on the inside cover. Answers (where relevant) are in the back of the book.

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