Measure six vital areas of wellbeing

Improving the wellbeing of individuals can have noticeable positive effects on engagement, motivation and achievement. 

The Six-Star Wellbeing Survey provides a quick and easy-to-use tool for capturing valuable data which can be used to measure, track, and evaluate practices and programs for creating and maintaining positive levels of wellbeing. 

The Six-Star Wellbeing Survey is based on psychological practise, theory and research that is designed to provide you with valuable information about your staff and student wellbeing.

Student Wellbeing

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  1. SALE
    Weaving Well-Being
  2. -51%
    Quiet at School
  3. -11%
  4. -11%
  5. -11%
  6. -70%
  7. -50%
    Teaching Physical Education in Primary School
  8. -51%
    Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School
  9. -11%
    Weaving Well-Being: Character Strengths – Teacher Book (Year 2)
  10. -11%
    Weaving Well-Being: Positive Emotions – Teacher Book (Year 3)
  11. -11%
    Weaving Well-Being: Tools of Resilience – Teacher Book (Year 4)
  12. -11%
    Weaving Well-Being: Positive Relationships – Teacher Book (Year 5)
  13. -11%
    Weaving Well-Being: Empowering Beliefs – Teacher Book (Year 6)
  14. -50%
    Stop the Bullying
  15. -50%
    Bullying of Staff in Schools
  16. -50%
    Raising Real People 2nd ed.
  17. -10%
    Overcoming Anxiety
  18. -11%
    exploring feelings anxiety manual
  19. -10%
    awkward social dos and donts of being a young adult

19 Items

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