Measure six vital areas of wellbeing

Improving the wellbeing of individuals can have noticeable positive effects on engagement, motivation and achievement. 

The Six-Star Wellbeing Survey provides a quick and easy-to-use tool for capturing valuable data which can be used to measure, track, and evaluate practices and programs for creating and maintaining positive levels of wellbeing. 

The Six-Star Wellbeing Survey is based on psychological practise, theory and research that is designed to provide you with valuable information about your staff and student wellbeing.

Student Wellbeing

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  1. Mates Traits Cards
  2. 5269BK
  3. Can-Do Dinosaurs Cards
  4. I want to be a rockstar 1
  5. Stones have feelings
  6. Stones Have Feelings Too Stickers
  7. Anxiety Solutions for Kids
  8. Anxiety Solutions Cards
  9. Face It Cards
  10. 990TMA_1.JPG
  11. 990JLW_2.JPG
  12. 990TLY_1.JPG
  13. Tickets: A Tool to Tame Behaviour
  14. 5345BK_1.JPG
  15. 5346BK_1.JPG
  16. How Schools Counter Bullying
  17. Bullying Interventions in Schools
  18. Bullying
  19. The Method of Shared Concern
  20. 990SCG_1.JPG
  21. 600SCG_1.JPG
  22. Social Skills Game
  23. 600SOC_1.JPG
  24. Social Skills Chipper Chat
  25. 524SAD_1.JPG
  26. 503FAS_1.JPG
  27. 838GAM_1.JPG
  28. Photo Feelings Fun Deck

Items 31-60 of 106

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