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Student Health & Wellbeing Resource Pack

Promote, develop and understand student and teacher wellbeing.
Publisher: ACER Press
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A range of best-selling ACER resources that focus on identifying and developing student resilience, behaviour, social skills, and coping strategies.

1. Assertiveness for Middle School Students
Assertiveness is a program of ten one-hour lessons in which students in the middle years of school will learn when and how to choose an assertive behaviour option. This behaviour management program focuses on emotional literacy as a way of raising students' awareness of their feelings and how to develop confidence and a positive attitude about themselves.

2. Best of Coping Facilitators Guide
The Best of Coping Program is designed to provide teachers, youth workers, social workers and counsellors with a structured, comprehensive program for helping adolescents develop resilience and coping skills. The program contains modules covering a range of topics, including Getting along with others, Getting help  Problem solving, Decision making and Goal setting. The Best of Coping Facilitator's Guide provides background information on the program, guidelines for facilitating a session and suggested activities.

3. Best of Coping Student Workbook
The Best of Coping Student Workbook provides engaging scenarios and activities to be completed by each student.

4. Bullying in Schools and What to Do About It
Backed by research, Bullying in Schools and What to Do about It helps us to understand the nature of bullying and why it so often takes place in schools. Importantly, it examines and evaluates what schools can do to promote more positive peer relationships within the school community and take effective and sustainable action to deal with problems that may arise.

5. Bullying Interventions in Schools
Bullying Interventions in Schools aims to promote an understanding of what methods exist to address actual cases of bullying and when and how they can best be applied. Each method is described in detail, together with its rationale.

7. Early Years Coping Cards
The Early Years Coping Cards provide clinicians and educators with a visual tool to help focus the attention of either individual children or groups of children on a range of challenging everyday situations that may cause uncertainty or fear, and on strategies for coping with these.

8. Emotional Literacy for Adolescent Mental Health
In Emotional Literacy for Adolescent Mental Health, Dr. Patricia Sherwood recognises that traditional talk therapy may not always be the best approach. The included activities are drawn from the artistic therapies, including drama and movement, clay therapy, and sand play as well as meditation, nature-based and animal-assisted therapies.

9. Everybody's Different
Everybody's Different allows teachers and mental health practitioners to apply a planned approach to issues in an informed, positive and effective manner for body sensitive young people. It details how to apply a proven self-esteem approach in schools, community settings and clinical situations to improve body image conceptions, prevent eating disorders and obesity, and foster health, nutrition and physical activity in young people.

10. From Surviving to Thriving
From Surviving to Thriving aims to provide guidance on working with adolescents at risk of anti-social behaviours (such as self-harming, eating disorders, substance abuse, school refusal, bullying, depression and suicide), and what factors to consider when developing preventative programs.

11. Method of Shared Concern
Ken Rigby, the renowned international expert on bullying in schools, provides an in-depth, research-based examination of The Method of Shared Concern describes the multi-stage process in which suspected bullies and their victims are individually interviewed, and eventually brought together in an effort to reach an agreed resolution.

12. Millenial Adolescent
The Millennial Adolescent offers contemporary insights to those currently teaching, as well as those preparing to become teachers of adolescents. It contains well-known frameworks for developing understandings about adolescents, blended and contrasted with a contemporary socio-cultural construction of adolescence, set in our particular time, era and society.

13. Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School
Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School is designed to assist pre-service and practising teachers in understanding Health and Physical Education (HPE) and how students learn about the influences of health, physical activity and optimisation of wellbeing.

14. Teaching Physical Education in Primary School
Teaching Physical Education in Primary School is a valuable resource for both pre-service and practicing teachers that conveys the underpinning research and theory. Replete with over 30 illustrations, this essential resource reflects current evidence that a physically active child is also a more engaged learner.