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Sounds-Write Readers

Publisher: Sounds Write


The Sounds-Write Readers can be used to teach reading, spelling and writing.

Teaching the Initial Code

Consisting of 24 Readers, the Initial Code series provides simple, one sound/one spelling, one-syllable, CVC words only. As the programme progresses, the complexity of one-syllable words is increased to four-, five- and six-sound words of the structure CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC/CCCVCC, before introducing the most common consonant digraphs.

These decodable readers will enable children to practice the literacy skills they are learning and thereby gain fluency in reading, all while they enjoy the colourfully-illustrated stories. The Initial Code Readers are written particularly to support phonic teaching and can be used by anyone teaching reading to children.

  • Tim, Tam and Sam (Initial Code, Unit 1)
  • Mats (Initial Code, Unit 1)
  • Is it Sam? (Initial Code, Unit 2)
  • Sit! (Initial Code, Unit 2)
  • Sam's Pip (Initial Code, Unit 3)
  • The can man (Initial Code, Unit 3)
  • The hens (Initial Code, Unit 4)
  • Meg's Pet Pig (Initial Code, Unit 4)
  • Tom and Sam (Initial Code, Unit 5)
  • Kim's big red cat (Initial Code, Unit 5)
  • Tim's Pet (Initial Code, Unit 6)
  • Jim is fed up (Initial Code, Unit 6)
  • The bin men (Initial Code, Unit 7)
  • The mud pit (Initial Code, Unit 7)
  • Is it magic? (Initial Code, Unit 8)
  • Lost! (Initial Code, Unit 8)
  • The frog pond (Initial Code, Unit 9)
  • The Bratt twins (Initial Code, Unit 9)
  • Best Pals (Initial Code, Unit 10)
  • Grand Slam Cup (Initial Code, Unit 10)
  • The Fish Dish (Initial Code, Unit 11)
  • Chimp Chums (Initial Code, Unit 11)
  • The song thrush (Initial Code, Unit 11)
  • The Queen's Quill (Initial Code, Unit 11)

The Extended Code and Polysyllabic Words

From Year 1 onwards, all the remaining common vowel and consonant sound to spelling correspondences are taught, until all the common spellings for the forty-four sounds in English have been covered. In parallel with this, pupils are taught how to read and spell polysyllabic words, progressing from two-syllable to five- and six-syllable words.

The Extended Code Readers focus on particular sounds to give children plenty of practice of the most common spelling alternatives presented in each of the Extended Code Units.

  • The Fun Day (Extended Code, Unit 1)
  • Ted Saves the Day (Extended Code, Unit 1)
  • Billy's Easy Day (Extended Code, Unit 3)
  • A Secret at School (Extended Code, Unit 3)
  • The Golden Glow (Extended Code, Unit 4)
  • Home Sweet Home (Extended Code, Unit 4)
  • The Worst Day (Extended Code, Unit 6)
  • A Turn on the Turf (Extended Code, Unit 6)
  • Playing Dead with Ted (Extended Code, Unit 7)
  • Guests at the Wedding (Extended Code, Unit 7)
  • The Greatest Show in Town (Extended Code, Unit 8)
  • A Hound in Town (Extended Code, Unit 8)
  • The Rules at School (Extended Code, Unit 10)
  • A Fine Time at Playgroup (Extended Code, Unit 10)
  • The Fright by the Brook (Extended Code, Unit 12)
  • The Sad Monkey (Extended Code, Unit 14)
  • The Mystery of the Waterfall (Extended Code, Unit 19)
  • The Scare on the Lake (Extended Code, Unit 20)