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Sounds-Write Decodable Readers

Publisher: Sounds Write


The Sounds-Write Decodable Readers can be used to teach reading, spelling and writing. Children will love reading about the adventures of the characters in this series of illustrated readers. 

They provide:

  • Fully decodable texts that can build on code knowledge, matching sounds to spellings and spellings to sounds
  • A carefully graded, step-by-step introduction of new sounds and spellings in each book
  • Practice in sound-letter matching, starting with matching one letter to one sound and building towards the introduction of all the main two-letter consonant and vowel spellings (digraphs), as well as adjacent consonants
  • Practice with segmenting and blending throughout each word.

Teaching the Initial Code

Consisting of 24 Readers, the Initial Code series provides simple, one sound/one spelling, one-syllable, CVC words only. As the programme progresses, the complexity of one-syllable words is increased to four-, five- and six-sound words of the structure CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC/CCCVCC, before introducing the most common consonant digraphs.

These decodable readers will enable children to practice the literacy skills they are learning and thereby gain fluency in reading, all while they enjoy the colourfully-illustrated stories. The Initial Code Readers are written particularly to support phonic teaching and can be used by anyone teaching reading to children.

The Extended Code and Polysyllabic Words

The Extended Code Readers focus on particular sounds to give children plenty of practice of the most common spelling alternatives presented in each of the Extended Code Units.