So You Want to Be a Teacher?

A guide for current and prospective students in Australia

ISBN13 : 9781742861098

Author(s) : Phil Ridden and Tracey Gray

Publisher : ACER Press, 2013

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So You Want to Be a Teacher? is an Australian guide designed to assist current and prospective teaching students in making the right decision about their future career.

The book explores:

  • Why you might want to be a teacher & why you might not
  • The personal qualities required, so that you can consider whether you fit the profile
  • What teachers actually do, the pay and the conditions
  • How you will train to be a teacher
  • The many options a teaching qualification offers and areas of specialisation
  • The professional teaching standards within a national curriculum framework

Throughout the book, the realities of teaching across all educational sectors are encapsulated through the voices of successful teachers - many of whom are finalists in the National Excellence in Teaching Awards. In addition, the account of one teacher's journey from struggling student to educational leader provides an inspirational tale.

Fully referenced, with an appendix listing teaching courses throughout each state and territory, So You Want to Be a Teacher? will ensure that if you do pursue a career in teaching, it will be with true conviction and the passion to thrive.

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Phil Ridden and Tracey Gray