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So You Want to Be a Doctor?

A guide for prospective medical students in Australia
ISBN13: 9781742860275
Author(s): Kerry J Breen
Publisher: ACER Press 2012
SKU code: A5228BK
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So You Want to Be a Doctor? is written specifically for young people who are considering embarking on a medical degree, as well as for those already enrolled.

This essential guide covers:

  • Prerequisites for admission into medical school at both undergraduate and graduate-entry level
  • What to expect as a qualified doctor in Australia today - and what the Australian community expects in its doctors
  • Life as a student, from the application, selection and interview process, to the pressures of study, advice on managing stress and distress, and where to get help if needed
  • The 18 medical schools in Australia, their similarities and differences and particular focus or strengths
  • The Australian health care system and career paths for medical graduates.

It includes advice about study methods, financial support, and balancing study with part-time work and a social life, as well as information that is relevant to specific groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, international students and students with a disability.

So You Want to Be a Doctor? provides all the information a prospective medical student might need to decide on pursuing a career in medicine and to survive and thrive during the course of their study.

Author(s): Kerry J Breen