Slosson Intelligence Test 4th Edition (SIT-4) Administration Manual

Author(s) : Richard L. Slosson

Publisher : Slosson, 2017

SKU : 504VE

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The Slosson Intelligence Test 4th Edition (SIT-4) is a quick and reliable screening measure that allows professionals to profile an individual’s mental ability.

The SIT-4 can be used with children and adults, including those who are visually impaired or blind. The SIT-4 is verbally administered so it does not penalise individuals who are methodical, fearful or have reading handicaps.

The new fourth edition includes newly calibrated norms, a new colour coded score sheet, large colour stimuli for the visually impaired and a standard deviation of 15.

The SIT-4 Administration Manual outlines required administration procedures for the SIT-4.

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Richard L. Slosson

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