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Sigma RADIUS 360 Feedback

Author(s): Douglas N. Jackson
Publisher: Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc.


Purpose: Provide a well-rounded and accurate picture from multiple perspectives of an employee's performance.

Age: 18+ years

Format: Online

SIGMARadius is a comprehensive 360 degree feedback solution designed to build and develop essential leadership competencies. Ratings are drawn from leaders, colleagues, and direct/indirect reports and combined with self-ratings to provide a multisource perspective on leadership performance.

These multiple perspectives can lead to a more well-rounded and accurate picture. This is especially true if the 360 feedback process is built around a set of objective criteria that provide a fair measure of the tasks performed by the employee.

SIGMA’s customised solution allows you and your team of experts to select only those leadership competencies that align with your position, function, or organisation from among the full set of 51 leadership competencies.

The Radius Report

The SIGMARadius 360 Report includes specific comments provided by your raters, action steps for development, and references to key readings. The report presents feedback in a way that is easy to navigate and understand with summary charts and detailed profiles.

Employee ratings and comments are pulled together in a detailed report that provides scores for each of the 42 dimensions, including breakdowns by rater category, along with helpful development advice. The report can serve as a stand-alone development tool, or can play an important role in a larger employee review or development process.

Sample Report

Development Guide

The Development Guide is a complementary resource designed to help leaders interpret results, leverage strengths, and build on development opportunities. The guide contains activities to create a practical, sustainable leadership development plan.

Download the Guide

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Author(s): Douglas N. Jackson