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Shared Responsibility

Beating Bullying in Australian Schools
ISBN13: 9780864314772
Author(s): Ian Findley
Publisher: ACER Press, 2006
SKU code: 0864314779
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Bullying is a reality for every school. It occurs in social groups as a part of a battle for power and social recognition.

Shared Responsibility aims to resolve instances of bullying not by punishing bullies, but by asking them to share in the responsibility of finding a solution.

By supporting victims and assessing the damage caused, this book addresses the impact of bullying and provides practical solutions for dealing with repeat offenders and challenging students. Collated over 12 years of research, a series of case studies are used to illustrate examples of successful outcomes and provide a model for implementing Shared Responsibility as a whole school approach.

This method considers the needs of all students involved in bullying and attempts to change offending behaviour and attitudes by developing empathy and self-discipline in bullies. Tested and trialled in Australian schools, Shared Responsibility empowers schools, bullies and their victims to find constructive and ongoing resolutions to this challenging social phenomenon.

As a both a bully and a victim in childhood, and with 27 years' experience working in secondary schools, Ian Findley approaches the subject of bullying from a unique and highly qualified perspective.

Author(s): Ian Findley