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Scales of Independent Behavior – Revised (SIB-R)

Author(s): Robert H. Bruininks, Richard W. Woodcock, Richard E. Weatherman and Bradley K. Hill
Publisher: Riverside, 1996
SKU code: PG_SIB


Purpose: To assess adaptive and maladaptive behaviour

Age: 3 months-80+ years

Time: Full Scale: 45--60 minutes; Short Form/Early Development Form: 15-20 minutes  

The Scales of Independent Behavior-Revised (SIB-R) is a comprehensive, norm-referenced assessment of adaptive and maladaptive behaviour, designed to establish the type and amount of special assistance needed by people with disabilities. It provides a comprehensive assessment of 14 areas of adaptive behaviour and 8 areas of problem behaviour

Three versions are available:

  1. Full Scale: 283 items
  2. Short Form: Brief, screening version
  3. Early Development Form: Brief version for young children or individuals with developmental functioning levels below eight years of age

All items appear in each response booklet to facilitate either administration procedure.

Administered in a structured interview or by way of a checklist procedure, the SIB-R can be used for diagnosis, program planning, determining eligibility, and assessing outcomes.

The SIB-R covers 14 subscales, organised into 4 adaptive behaviour clusters:

  • Motor Skills
  • Personal Living Skills
  • Social Interaction and Communication Skills
  • Community Living Skills

Problem behaviour items are grouped into eight types:

  • Hurtful to Self
  • Unusual or Repetitive Habits
  • Hurtful to Others
  • Socially Offensive Behavior
  • Destructive to Property
  • Withdrawal or Inattentive Behavior
  • Disruptive Behavior       
  • Uncooperative Behavior

The SIB-R includes a Support Score, a weighted measure of maladaptive and adaptive behaviours indicating the support, supervision, and resources an individual needs. It also contains a functional limitations index, used to define the presence and severity of adaptive behaviour limitations.

The Individual Plan Recommendation (IPR) form is used to plan and track a person's support and service needs and goals.

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Author(s): Robert H. Bruininks, Richard W. Woodcock, Richard E. Weatherman and Bradley K. Hill