Renfrew Action Picture Test: 5th Edition

ISBN13 : 9781138586208

Author(s) : Catherine Renfrew and Speechmark

Publisher : Speechmark, 2019

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Due August 2019.

Since its first publication in 1967, the Renfrew Action Picture Test has been a reach-for assessment used by a range of professionals dedicated to the speech and language development of children between 3.0–8.5 years of age.

Widely used by Speech and Language Therapists / Pathologists, SENCOs, and teachers, among other professionals, the test covers words used to convey information (i.e. nouns, verbs, prepositions); present, past and future tenses; irregular forms of plural and past tenses; simple and complex sentence construction; and passive voice. The test provides an Information and Grammar score that can be benchmarked against a UK school population.

5th Edition Updates

This 5th edition has been fully updated, including:

  • Revision of scoring guidelines
  • Modernisation of images
  • Through an extensive nation-wide programme, the Action Picture Test has been fully re-standardised against a modern school population

Includes Manual, 10 full colour cards and Photocopiable scoring form.

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Catherine Renfrew and Speechmark

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