Quick Guide To Human Resource Testing

ISBN13 : 9780864314581

Author(s) : Marian Power

Publisher : ACER Press, 2004

SKU : 9780864314581

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Those in charge of recruiting and selecting new staff face a decision-making process that needs to be responsible in its implementation and to produce a positive and wide-ranging outcome. The cost of a wrong selection decision has been estimated to be anywhere between one and a half times and five times the salary of the job in question. Studies have shown that appropriate assessment tools enhance the chances of making good selection and recruitment decisions.

Testing is also important to the Human Resources (HR) practitioner in a variety of other contexts, including team building, change management and ongoing organisational needs. Good practice and appropriate use of tests are as vital to these areas as they are in the selection and recruitment of staff.

A Quick Guide to Human Resource Testing is a reference guide for HR practitioners who use or plan to use assessment instruments in any context.

It includes explanations, tips, case studies and suggestions to help practitioners get the most out of their HR testing.

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