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PsychProfiler Online Licence: 100 Uses

Author(s): Dr. Shane Langsford, Dr. Stephen Houghton and Dr. Graham Douglas
Publisher: Langsford, Houghton, Douglas and Strategy West Consulting, 2014
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The PsychProfiler is a reliable and valid instrument that simultaneously screens for 20 of the most common psychiatric, psychological, and educational disorders in children, adolescents, and adults.

Oriented to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Fifth Edition (DSM-5â„¢), the PsychProfiler provides an accessible and affordable screener that can be used in the early identification of disorders crucial to formal diagnosis, intervention and prevention of further mental health or educational problems.

The PsychProfiler is suitable for two age groups: Child and Adolescent (CAPP), from 2-18 years, and Adult (APP), for those over 18 years of age.

It is available as a hard-copy assessment and online assessment.

The web-based platform allows a client to complete the items on-screen (using any device, including iPads) that is connected to the internet. Respondents can click on their responses or use the numeric key pad. Once completed, a report is generated and is able to be emailed to one or more recipients in PDF format.

The online platform can also be used to key enter and score the responses provided by a client on any of the hard-copy forms. To score and generate reports for your hard copy forms, purchase the appropriate CAPP or APP online licence.

The PsychProfiler Online Licence: 100 Uses provides 100 online uses for the PsychProfiler (can be CAPP and/or APP). Online on-screen administration or key-entering of hard copy form options can be utilised.

CAPP Online Parent Sample Report

APP Online Self-Report Sample Report

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Author(s): Dr. Shane Langsford, Dr. Stephen Houghton and Dr. Graham Douglas