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ISBN13: 9780958269459
Author(s): Chris Parkin and Catherine Parkin
Publisher: Triune Initiatives, 2011
SKU code: 993PRO
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Range: 8-15 years

Purpose: To assess reading accuracy, reading behaviour and in-depth reading comprehension.

Administration: Individual

The PROBE 2 Kit includes:

  • Manual, which is divided into four parts
  • Guide: Outlines the purpose and procedure of the assessment
  • Determiner: Outlines the pre-test (purpose and procedure)
  • Answers: Includes notes and the Keywords
  • Copymasters: Can be copied -Determiner and Recording Sheets
  • Student Text, which is divided into two parts
  • PROBE 2 Determiner Word Lists
  • 40 stories and questions (fiction and non-fiction)
  • A Student's Guide to PROBE Assessment CD

The Student's Guide to PROBE Assessment CD helps students gain a better understanding of the assessment, along with processes and behaviours to improve test performance. This can be used with individual students or presented to a whole class.

It covers the purpose of the test, what is expected of them, preparing their mind, the pre-test, the way PROBE is used, how to read the stories, about the questions, answering questions, more than one story and summarises.

PROBE 2 Supplementary Kits are able to be purchased by schools only once a full kit has been purchased. If more than one teacher is to be working with the resource, then each teacher can have their own Determiner, Guide/Answers and Student Text, and share the Copymaster book.

PROBE 2 Materials may only be purchased by schools or qualified individuals at registered institutions. Supplementary Kits are not available outside of school use

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Author(s): Chris Parkin and Catherine Parkin