PRAQ-R Whole School Set (USB)

Author(s) : Ken Rigby

Publisher : ACER Press

SKU : E8006

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The Peer Relations Assessment Questionnaires-Revised (PRAQ-R) is a survey designed to obtain the perceptions and judgments of bullying in schools from three different sources: teachers, parents and students.

Soft copies of the manual and questionnaires offer schools unlimited use of the questionnaires. This encourages use of the PRAQ for the whole school and follow-up surveys that allow schools to track the effectiveness of follow-up interventions.

Suitable for Prep through to secondary students, The PRAQ-R Whole School Set (USB) includes files for the:

  • Manual
  • PRAQ-R for Teachers
  • PRAQ-R for Parents
  • PRAQ-R for Secondary Students
  • PRAQ-R for Primary Students
  • Scoring Spreadsheets

All materials are contained on a USB Stick.

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Ken Rigby