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POMS-2 Youth Short Online Form (pkg 5)

Author(s): Juvia P. Heuchert and Douglas M. McNair
Publisher: MHS
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The Profile of Mood States 2nd Edition (POMS-2) assess the mood states of individuals 13 years of age and older. A revision of the Profile of Mood States (POMS), the self-report scales are a collection of tools that allow for the quick assessment of transient, fluctuating feelings, and enduring affect states.

The POMS-2 covers two age ranges: Adults aged 18 years and older (POMS 2-A) and adolescents 13 to 17 years of age (POMS 2-Y). Both POMS-2 instruments are available as full-length and short versions. The POMS 2-A is comprised of 65 items, while the POMS 2-Y is comprised of 60 items, and the short forms both comprise of 35 items.

The POMS-2 is available for online administration, scoring and reporting through the MHS Online Assessment Center. The MHS Online Assessment Center provides professionals the ability to administer, score and generate reports online. It also allows for printing of forms for client completion, and response entry from paper administrations.

The POMS-2 Youth Short Online Form allows completion of the POMS-2 Youth (short) form online. The respondent will select and enter their responses online (the clinician is then provided with a report). This option requires 1 Online Form per client.

For individuals who do not wish to administer the POMS-2 online, the MHS Online Assessment Center provides the capability of printing paper-and-pencil forms on demand. This option requires 1 Online Response Form (allows the printing of 1 Form, and online scoring and reporting).

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Author(s): Juvia P. Heuchert and Douglas M. McNair