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Philosophy For Children: Harry Stottlemeier's Discovery

Publisher: Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children
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The stories in Philosophy for Children are designed to stimulate inquiry in the classroom, by prompting students to identify and reflect on a broad range of philosophical problems and questions.

Suitable for Year 4 to Year 7, Harry Stottlemeier's Discovery is an upper primary/junior secondary school curriculum which focuses on the development of basic logic and reasoning skills within the context of ordinary language.

Its central characters develop their own community of inquiry, bringing together different perspectives and ways of thinking.

Harry raises philosophical questions likely to be of interest to young adolescents in ethics such as:

  • Should we always follow the majority?
  • What makes something beautiful?
  • Are dreams real?
  • Can I really know what another person is thinking?

Harry deals with the criteria and principles which underlie good thinking in all subject areas and disciplines.