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Philosophy For Children

Publisher: Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children
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The stories in Philosophy for Children are designed to stimulate inquiry in the classroom, by inviting students to identify and reflect on a broad range of philosophical problems and questions.

Each story centres around the ideas, discussions and activities of a group of fictional children who are attempting, in their own ways, to make sense of the world. Their characters inquire into such topics as:

  • Truth
  • Reality
  • Nature of the mind
  • Goodness
  • Freedom
  • Rules
  • Laws
  • Rights and duties
  • Reasons and criteria
  • Being a person
  • Art and beauty.

These topics are of great importance to children; they involve issues which, in their own eyes, have not already been decided for them.

Accompanying teacher manuals identify and apply many of the leading philosophical ideas which are likely to emerge in the classroom. Each idea is introduced with a brief discussion designed to give the teacher some background to the cluster of concepts which relate to it. The manual then proceeds to raise a structured series of open-ended questions and activities aimed at stimulating reflective dialogue among students.