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Peer Relations Assessment Questionnaires-Revised (PRAQ-R)

Author(s): Ken Rigby
Publisher: ACER Press


The Peer Relations Assessment Questionnaires - Revised (PRAQ-R) is a survey designed to obtain the perceptions and judgments of bullying in schools from three different sources: teachers, parents and students.

The PRAQ for students looks to identify the nature and prevalence of bullying in schools, where it takes place, consequences for students in general, perceptions of teachers’ concern for the problem and students’ wish to engage in joint action with the staff.

There is a Primary PRAQ-R and a Secondary PRAQ-R.

Primary PRAQ-R

The PRAQ-R for Primary Students aims to provide information from students from Prep to Year 5.

This questionnaire is intended for lower primary school children and children with limited English language literacy. It provides information that can help teachers to assess:

  • The general wellbeing and happiness of the children at school
  • The quality of children’s interpersonal relations with peers
  • The nature and prevalence of bullying among young children
  • The readiness of children to seek help from teachers and parents if they are being bullied.

Secondary PRAQ-R

The PRAQ–R for Secondary Students is appropriate for students in upper primary and secondary levels. It provides useful information on the experiences and perceptions of students in relation to bullying at school. This includes:

  • The nature and prevalence of bullying at the school
  • Where bullying takes place
  • The consequences of bullying for student safety, attendance and general wellbeing
  • Whether students have informed others and with what outcomes
  • Student perceptions of their teachers’ concern about school bullying
  • Whether students wish to engage in joint action with the staff to stop bullying.

Teachers and Parents

The PRAQ-R for Teachers provides information about the perceived prevalence of different forms of bullying in the school, how safe the school is, the extent of bullying between staff and students, motivation of the staff to address bullying and views on specific steps that a school can take to address the issue.

The PRAQ-R for Parents provides information about how happy a child is at school, how often the child is bullied or bullies others and how the child has been affected by bullying.

All the data, used in combination, will help inform schools about the nature and prevalence of bullying, immediate steps that can be taken to reduce its incidence, as well as how to set up policies and procedures with regards to bullying.

Soft copies of the manual and questionnaires offer schools unlimited use of the questionnaires. This encourages use of the PRAQ-R for the whole school and follow-up surveys that allow schools to track the effectiveness of follow-up interventions.

Excel spreadsheets have been provided to streamline the scoring and collation of data to provide results that can be used for follow-up discussion and intervention.

Additional Materials

PRAQ-R for Parents

PRAQ-R Teachers

PRAQ-R Secondary

PRAQ-R Primary

Introduction from the Manual

Author(s): Ken Rigby