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The online PAT Teaching Resources Centre supports student progress by connecting PAT assessment results with practice. The PAT Teaching Resources Centre provides over 2000 teaching resources and activities along with videos and lesson plans.

Build individual student knowledge and skills with research-based resources that align to individual student PAT assessment data, allowing you to teach to each student’s individual learning needs.

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre:

  • Builds student skills: Using teaching activities and concept builders
  • Connects to PAT data: Using annotated questions and skill illustrations
  • Maps to Australian Curriculum: Directly links to Australian Curriculum content descriptions
  • Supports differentiation within the classroom: Teachers can teach to each student’s strengths, based on their individual PAT assessment results
  • Provides videos: Provides videos for professional support and student engagement
  • Supports student progress: Identifies students growth through PAT achievement bands

Teachers have access to over 230 Maths concept builders, 800 Maths annotated questions and skill illustrations, 350 Reading teaching activities, 750 Reading annotated questions and skill illustrations and 60 STEM Contexts annotated questions.

  • Annotated questions: Provide explanations of specific PAT assessment questions
  • Skill illustrations: llustrate the same skills that PAT assessment questions measure
  • Teaching activities: Scaffold students’ reading skills development
  • Concept builders: Build on students’ understanding of maths concepts
  • Achievement bands: Provide a measure of students’ learning progressions over time

PAT Teaching Resources Centre Licences include Reading, Maths and STEM Contexts.

Look inside. Download your fee teaching resources here.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you in the effective use of the Progressive Achievement suite. Please contact our Sales Support Team for more information on setting up an account.

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