PAT-R Comprehension: Advanced Fourth Edition Specimen Set

Publisher : ACER Press, 2016


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The PAT-R Comprehension: Advanced tests are an expansion of the best-selling PAT-R Fourth Edition, and were developed in response to requests for more challenging reading comprehension material for primary and secondary students. They present longer and more complex stimulus texts, and harder questions based on those texts. They are still aligned with the content of the Australian Curriculum: English for each given year level.

The Comprehension: Advanced tests provide an alternative, 'off-level' assessment package aimed at higher-achieving students whose reading comprehension skills may be higher than that of typical students at that year level. These tests are designed to be used alongside the standard Comprehension tests with those students that have been identified through previous testing as having advanced reading comprehension skills. They are not meant to be used with the entire student cohort; schools should use PAT-R Fourth Edition as their primary assessment and administer Comprehension: Advanced tests only as needed.

The Comprehension: Advanced tests are calibrated against the patc scale, allowing teachers to compare the achievement of their students with that of thousands of Australian students within recent norm studies and analysis. In addition, the items from each test have been categorised according to the content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: English.

The PAT-R Comprehension: Advanced tests provide tests for Years 2 to 9. Students in Prep or Year 1 should be tested using the standard PAT-R Fourth Edition tests.

Key features:

  • Eight normed and graded comprehension tests for Years 2 to 9
  • Uses the same achievement scale as the standard PAT-R Comprehension tests, allowing teachers to track progress over time and across test packages
  • Designed with longer stimulus texts and harder test items
  • New, up-to-date student norms and described achievement levels
  • Tests and items designed to assess the strands and levels described in the Australian Curriculum: English
  • Full-colour, illustrated stimulus booklet contains fiction and non-fiction reading passages in a variety of text types
  • Comprehensive norm, diagnostic and descriptive reports
  • Copy masters of administration instructions, score keys and reports.


These tests may only be purchased for school use by qualified educational professionals.

This assessment package is an expansion of PAT-R Fourth Edition, rather than a stand-alone assessment series.

Suitable year levels

Each test includes items that match the curriculum studied by students in the target year level, but that are significantly beyond the general ability range of most students in that year level. These tests should only be administered to students who demonstrate a level of reading comprehension achievement significantly higher than the norm for their year level.

Test Booklet 2 – end of Year 2, start of Year 3

Test Booklet 3 – end of Year 3, start of Year 4

Test Booklet 4 – end of Year 4, start of Year 5

Test Booklet 5 – end of Year 5, start of Year 6

Test Booklet 6 – end of Year 6, start of Year 7

Test Booklet 7 – end of Year 7, start of Year 8

Test Booklet 8 – end of Year 8, start of Year 9

Test Booklet 9 – end of Year 9, start of Year 10

The PAT-R Comprehension: Advanced test booklets are reusable. OMR answer sheets (suitable for hand scoring and for use with Test Scoring Services) are available for use with test booklets 2A–9A. Non-OMR answer sheets (suitable for hand scoring only) are available for use with test booklets 2A–6A.

The PAT-R Comprehension: Advanced Fourth Edition Specimen Set includes:

  • Teacher Supplement and USB
  • Stimulus Book
  • 1 copy of Test Booklets 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A and 9A
  • 1 copy of each of the 2A–9A OMR Answer Sheets
  • 1 copy of each of the 2A–6A Non-OMR Answer Sheets
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