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PAT Essentials Kit

ISBN13: 9781742862880
Publisher: ACER Press, 2016
SKU code: A990PEK
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ACER's Progressive Achievement Tests are an Australian, nationally normed series of tests designed to provide objective information to teachers about their students' skills and understandings in a range of key areas. Created and improved over many years by ACER's expert team of test developers and psychometricians, PAT tests are ideal for understanding students' current strengths and weaknesses, informing teaching and learning, and monitoring progress over time.

PAT Essentials is a collection of tools, resources and materials to support teachers and educators who use PAT tests in their schools. Whether completely new to the PAT series, or experienced in the use of tests and assessment data, every PAT user will find valuable content in PAT Essentials that can inform their teaching and learning strategies.

PAT Essentials contains a series of booklets in four categories:

  1. Foundations
  2. Resources
  3. Professional Learning
  4. Principles.

These categories address different levels of experience and different uses of assessment data.

The titles in PAT Essentials:

  • PAT Foundations: Draws from years of experience in test development, workshop delivery and teacher consultation. It seeks to explain the principles, purpose and practice of assessment, and to assist teachers in getting the most out of their PAT assessment program.

  • Teaching Number and Algebra with PAT Maths: Presents a selection of mathematics resources from the PAT Teaching Resources Centre that teachers can use in classes or as part of their professional learning.

  • Teaching Reading Comprehension with PAT Reading: Presents a selection of reading comprehension resources from the PAT Teaching Resources Centre that teachers can use in classes or as part of their professional learning.

  • Assessment for Teacher and School Improvement: Examines the use of assessment data as a tool for professional development and school improvement, and draws on the experience of ACER's researchers and project managers.

  • Assessment Research: Presents articles and presentations by some of Australia's top educational researchers that emphasise the use of assessment data, to pinpoint the learning progress of students, and discuss how assessment is used to inform teaching.

PAT Foundations can also be purchased separately.

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