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PASA Specimen Set

Author(s): Joanne Mulligan, Michael Mitchelmore and Andrew Stephanou
Publisher: ACER Press, 2015
SKU code: A000PAS
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The Pattern and Structure Assessment (PASA) is a one-on-one assessment used to provide teachers with diagnostic information about how children think about mathematical ideas to inform teaching, not just on what mathematics children can and cannot do.

By knowing how children approach tasks, teachers can plan and scaffold individual learning experiences.

The PASA Specimen Set includes:

  • PASA Teacher Guide (with USB)
  • 1 of Response Booklet F
  • 1 of Response Booklet 1
  • 1 of Response Booklet 2
  • Assessment Materials Kit
  • Using PASA with Pat Maths-PDF Document

The PASA Teacher Guide includes excel scoring spreadsheets that are provided on USB. Using PASA with Pat Maths is supplied as a PDF file and is also supplied on the USB.

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Author(s): Joanne Mulligan, Michael Mitchelmore and Andrew Stephanou