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PAS/PAS-O Combination Kit

Author(s): Leslie C. Morey
Publisher: PAR, 2018
SKU code: 991PAO
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The Personality Assessment Screener (PAS) quickly screens for major domains covered in the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) and is designed for use as a triage instrument in health care and mental health settings.

The Personality Assessment - Observer (PAS-O) is a 22-item informant report designed to obtain information from an observer (such as a spouse, relative, or close friend) about a client. It screens for a broad range of clinical issues and was developed to complement the self-report PAS.

When used with the PAS, the PAS-O allows you to gain valuable insight from someone close to the client to help screen for clinical issues and determine the need for follow-up testing. If PAS or PAS-O results indicate the need for in-depth testing, the PAI provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

The PAS/PAS-O Combination Kit includes:

  • PAS Kit (PAS Manual & 25 PAS Handscorable Response Forms)
  • PAS-O Kit (PAS-O Manual (Including Fast Guide), 25 PAS-O Response Forms & 25 PAS-O Score Summary & Profile Forms)

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Author(s): Leslie C. Morey