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Parenting Resource Pack

Resources to help you understand yourself, your child and special circumstances.
Publisher: ACER Press
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Understand your children, their development and the needs of yourself as a parent with ACER's best-selling Parenting & Family resources.

1. Becoming Better Parents 4th Ed
Becoming Better Parents 4th ed is a resource for parents designed to help them understand and respond to their children's behaviour in an encouraging and constructive way.

2. Caregiving Years
Constant pressure on caregivers who are supporting family members can undermine their health and well-being. The Caregiving Years will help carers of the chronically ill, frail elderly, children with disability or of the mentally ill.

3. The Early Years
The Early Years is a resource for teachers, students, caregivers and health professionals who work with children from birth to eight years. It provides a complete picture of childhood development and a cognitive perspective focusing on the young child as an autonomous thinker, learner and problem solver.

4. Families Coping
Families Coping brings together two frameworks - positive parenting skills and the transactional model of stress and coping - to create a program of positive psychology aimed at parents, children and counselling professionals. It provides a toolkit for parents that can be used in a self-help mode or as an instructor-led program.

5. Focus on Fathering
Focus on Fathering takes an informative and challenging look at fathering and what it means to be a father. It discusses the fascinating, moving and often contradictory role in which Australian men find themselves as fathers.

6. From Birth to Five Years
From Birth to Five Years 2nd ed. is a unique guide to children's developmental progress. Based on Mary Sheridan's pioneering work, the main section consists of illustrated charts that cover each stage of development in young children, in chronological order.

7. Helping Babies Help Themselves
Helping Babies Help Themselves is an essential resource for parents to feel supported in helping their babies achieve their physical potential, whilst developing their strength and confidence from newborn infants to when they pull/stand.

8. Is Your Child Ready for School?
Is Your Child Ready for School? shows parents how to prepare their child for school and how to nourish curiosity so that learning is a positive and pleasurable experience.

9. Learning To Love
An invaluable and engaging resource for new and expectant parents, Learning to Love explores the evolving relationship between mother, father and baby. Focusing on the first year of life, it looks at the emotional dimension and intensity of pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of parenting, and offers an understanding of the baby's emotional needs.

10. Live, Love and Learn
Live, Love and Learn provides an intriguing and highly accessible guide to how young children learn and how you can support their learning. Early childhood academic, mother and grandmother, Laurie Lind Makin, explains the principles of observation and engagement, how to follow and extend children's own interests and how to build their understanding, communication skills and self-confidence.

11. Parenting Today Parent Handbook
The Parenting Today 2nd Ed. Parent's Book is full of practical and easy-to-use advice for parents to implement with their children. Easy-to-follow, it is a helpful guide to improving parent-child relationships.

12. Parenting Today Leader Manual
The Parenting Today 2nd Ed. Leader's Book includes a summary of the evaluation study carried out when the program was chosen and implemented in the Lismore Diocese by the Catholic Education Office.

13. Parents Guide to Learning Difficulties
Parent's Guide to Learning Difficulties has been written for parents who want to understand more about learning difficulties that can be experienced by some children.
The title provides parents with a clear explanation of the numerous causes of children's problems in learning, and the practical advice provided on methods for helping children in key areas such as reading, writing, spelling and mathematics can be implemented in home tutoring as well as in the school.

14. Raising Real People
Raising Real People 2nd ed. is an A-Z guide of parenting strategies presenting in a readable style based on research with thousands of families. Author and clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller explores the delights, frustrations and dilemmas facing parents of adolescents, and offers parents practical solutions to common problems adolescents face.

15. Raising Responsible Teenagers
Raising Responsible Teenagers provides parents with an understanding of child development and adolescence, combined with practical advice on parenting styles and discipline techniques. This book helps parents to strengthen their teenager's self-worth and sense of adequacy.

16. Split Ends: Teenage Stepchildren
Being a teenage isn't easy, and being in a stepfamily may feel a little rough at times. This book is about helping you to understand stepfamily life and to find ways to make it happier.

17. Teacher Parent Collaboration
Teacher-Parent Collaboration is a practical guide for teachers who want to improve relationships with the parents of their students. It empowers teachers with the skills and confidence necessary for productive collaboration and addresses a range of issues that affect children's functioning and achievement.

18. Towards Parenthood
Towards Parenthood aims to assist soon-to-be and current parents manage the complex demands of parenting and strengthen the parent-infant relationship and the couple relationship.

19. Understanding Children
Young children are spending more time in childcare and parents expect their children will be well cared for and educated in quality environments. Understanding Children identifies key indicators for quality and presents case studies to allow optimum learning and implementation of the ideas.

20. Your Child from Birth to Eight
Your Child from Birth to Eight provides a supportive and practical guide to the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of young children. It encapsulates the wisdom and experience of other mums and dads, as well as social workers, health professionals, early childhood practitioners and teachers who engage regularly with children from birth to eight.