Parent, Adolescent and Child Training Skills (PACTS)

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PACTS # 1: Assessing Children in Need and Their Parents


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PACTS # 2: ABC of Behavioural Methods


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PACTS # 3: Bonding: Infantile and parental attachments


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PACTS # 4: Coping with Children’s Feeding Problems and Bedtime Battles


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The Parent, Adolescent and Child Training Skills (PACTS) series of highly practical guides has been developed for all practitioners who work with children and their families: Community health workers, psychologists, doctors, social workers, teachers, parent educators, therapists, maternal and child health nurses and school counsellors.

The aim of the series is to provide concise information on children's problems in order to help the practitioner understand, assess and treat them more effectively.

Practitioners are provided with straightforward explanations of behaviour that will make sense to parents, and practical, workable methods which parents can apply.

Each guide defines the subject/problem, gives useful background information, and looks at assessment, intervention and suitable programs for change.The questionnaires, checklists and assessment forms, which appear at the back of each guide, are copyright free.

The approach used is mainly cognitive-behavioural and the guides provide a conceptual framework that enables parents to think about their children and to solve problems for themselves.The PACTS series is also ideal for teaching purposes.

The PACTS 1-12 series covers childhood problems while the PACTS 13-20 series covers adolescent problems.

Issues covered include:

  • Depression and attempted suicide
  • Panic disorder and anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Behaviour management
  • Social skills
  • Aggression and bullying
  • Delinquency
  • Risky sex
  • Gambling and gaming addictions
  • Separation and divorce

Please note:  PACTS 1-11 are while stocks last. PACTS # 12 has been made out of print and is no longer available.

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