PAI Interpretive Report for Correctional Settings (PAI-CS)

Author(s) : John F. Edens and Mark A. Ruiz

Publisher : PAR, 2005


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Purpose: Provides assessment of offender misconduct risk, psychological needs, and rehabilitation

Age: 18-89 years

Time: 50-60 minutes

Format/Scoring: PAI Software Portfolio & PAI-CS Software Module

The PAI Interpretive Report for Correctional Settings (PAI-CS), a module used in conjunction with the PAI Software Portfolio (PAI-SP), or fully administered online, enables correctional psychologists and staff to generate an interpretive report that identifies offenders’ risk of institutional misconduct during incarceration, describes offenders’ psychosocial needs, and estimates how offenders are likely to respond to incarceration and rehabilitative programs.

Key Features

  • Provides unique information and experimental scales
  • A Staff Management Summary provides an integrated summary of the offender’s PAI profile in terms of his or her specific psychological functioning and institutional management factors.
  • Profiles contrast the offender’s test scores with those of (a) the PAI community sample, (b) approximately 1,200 incarcerated offenders from multiple correctional facilities around the country, and (c) offenders of the same gender.
  • The Addictive Characteristics scale helps identify individuals at risk for substance use problems; three validity scales aid in identifying location-specific random responding and help identify inconsistent responding that is specific to correctional settings.


  •     Requires prior purchase and installation of the PAI Software Portfolio (PAI-SP) – will NOT run without installation of the PAI-SP
  •     PAI-CS Software Module must then be installed

Respondents can complete the Item/Response Booklets, with that data being key-entered by the examiner for scoring and reporting.

Alternatively, the PAI-CS can be administered on screen by using PAI-CS Counter Serial Numbers in conjunction with PAI-SP Counter Serial Numbers.

Sample Interpretive Report

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John F. Edens and Mark A. Ruiz

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