PACTS # 7: Setting Limits: Promoting positive parenting

ISBN13 : 9780864312426

Author(s) : Edited by Martin Herbert

Publisher : ACER Press, 1997


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The Parent, Adolescent and Child Training Skills (PACTS) is a series of highly practical guides designed for use by all practitioners who work with children and their families - community health workers, psychologists, doctors, social workers, teachers, parent educators, therapists, maternal and child health nurses and school counsellors.

When children are difficult to manage, parents can look to psychologists, social workers, teachers and other practitioners for the answers.

This guide provides practitioners with information and skills to help parents and caregivers to strike a balance between being too permissive and too restrictive, by setting fair, firm limits and communicating reasonable and appropriate rules.

PACTS # 7: Setting Limits: Promoting Positive Parenting focuses on:

  • Discipline and spoiling children
  • Socialization
  • Democratic parenting
  • Permissive parenting
  • Authoritarian parenting
  • Disciplinary tactics - teaching parents to praise, limit-setting, effective use of the 'time-out' and more
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Edited by Martin Herbert