PACTS # 16: Aggression and Bullying in Adolescence

ISBN13 : 9780864317049

Author(s) : Edited by Martin Herbert

Publisher : ACER Press, 2004

SKU : 0864317042

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The Parent, Adolescent and Child Training Skills (PACTS) is a series of highly practical guides designed for use by all practitioners who work with children and their families - community health workers, psychologists, doctors, social workers, teachers, parent educators, therapists, maternal and child health nurses and school counsellors.

This guide aims to provide information about aggression and its development during the childhood and adolescent years, looking at bullying behaviour as a subset of aggressive behaviour, outline characteristics of children involved in bullying and signs that practitioners and parents should be aware of and to discuss some interventions available.

PACTS # 16: Aggression and Bullying in Adolescence focuses on:

  • What is aggression?
  • Are boys more aggressive than girls?
  • When aggressive behaviour becomes a problem
  • Individual differences in aggression
  • Bullying - types, effects, who is involved
  • Bullying resources and hints for parents
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Edited by Martin Herbert