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Online ART-2 Credit (100+ Credits)

Author(s): ACER Press
Publisher: ACER Press
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The ACER Applied Reading Test 2nd ed. (ART-2) can be used to assess reading comprehension of candidates for various job roles and courses. The content deals with mainly work-related topics such as industrial safety and machine operation/maintenance.

The ART-2 consists of three different Test Booklets: General/Clerical, Technical/Trades and Basic Literacy.

The ACER ART-2 is able to be administered and scored online via the ACER Psychological Testing Platform (APT). Administrators send a request to their client to complete the assessment online, and are then provided with a concise report.

When purchasing over 100 credits, the cost per credit is $14.95. 

The APT provides you with more flexibility - ART-2 credits can be used for the General/Clerical, Technical/Trades and Basic Literacy components - you assign your selected ART-2 test to the candidate.

To set up an online APT account and purchase credits please register HERE. Account registrations will be attended to during business hours.

ART-2 Online Sample Basic Literacy Report

ART-2 Online Sample Technical/Trades Report

ART-2 Online Sample General/Clerical Report

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Author(s): ACER Press