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Occupational Interests Card Sort

Author(s): Richard L. Knowdell
Publisher: Career Development Network, 2005
SKU code: PG_VD


Purpose: Identify interest in a range of occupations

Age: Adolescents and Adults

Time: Untimed

The Occupational Interests Card Sort can be used to quickly identify and rank occupational interests.

The 110 cards clarify:

  • High-appeal jobs and fields
  • Degree of readiness
  • Skills and knowledge needed
  • Competency-building steps for entry or progress within an occupation.

The client is required to sort each card into five categories ranging from definitely interested, through indifferent, to definitely not interested.

Because several of the exercises assume a work history, the materials are best suited to use with mature age clients.

Author(s): Richard L. Knowdell