OASR DSM-Oriented Profiles (pkg 50)

Author(s) : Thomas M. Achenbach

Publisher : ASEBA, 2004

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The ASEBA Older Adult forms (OABCL and OASR) can greatly improve assessment in a variety of contexts, including psychiatric and psychological evaluations, medical care, assessments following significant life changes (such as loss of a loved one or a move to an assisted living environment) and evaluations before and after planned changes and interventions.

The Older Adult Self-Report (OASR) obtains older adults' self-reports of diverse aspects of adaptive functioning and problems, whilst the Older Adults Behavior Checklist (OABCL) is a parallel form for obtaining reports from people who know the adult well.

The OASR DSM-Oriented Profiles provide an easy way to view the individual's adaptive strengths and problems, by displaying each item and scale score on the profile, displayed in a graph format.

The DSM-Oriented Profiles are used in the same way as the standard profiles, but include these scales:

  • Depressive Problems
  • Anxiety Problems
  • Somatic Problems
  • Dementia Problems
  • Psychotic Problems
  • Antisocial Personality Problems

The OABCL/OASR Manual provides information on how to transfer data from the completed forms to the profiles.

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Thomas M. Achenbach

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