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Numeracy Resource Pack

Increase, extend and deepen teacher and student numeracy knowledge.
Publisher: ACER Press
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Equip your teachers with ACER's best-selling numeracy resources.

1. Complex Numbers and Vectors
Complex Numbers and Vectors is an informative resource for advanced mathematics teachers or students undertaking advanced maths courses. It provides teachers with background material, ideas and teaching approaches to complex numbers.

2. Creative Activities in Mathematics Set (Book 1,2+3)
The Creative Activities in Mathematics series provides a wealth of investigations and open-ended active learning activities, designed to engage students with mathematics and develop their problem solving, collaboration and mathematical skills.

3. Data Analysis Applications
Data Analysis Applications provides mathematics teachers with a comprehensive, informal introduction to data analysis and its applications, drawing on classical and contemporary perspectives of statistics.

4. Growing Ideas of Number
This book illustrates some of the real problems and subtleties of number, including counting, calculation and measuring.

5. Leading Improvements in Student Numeracy
This groundbreaking resource provides a practical framework, as well as guidelines and tools to develop teacher competence and enhance leadership systems that support and consolidate student numeracy skills.

6. Matrices
Matrices provides mathematics teachers with an elementary introduction to matrix algebra and its uses in formulating and solving practical problems, solving systems of linear equations, representing combinations of parallel (including linear) transformations of the plane and modelling finite state Markov chains.

7. The Name of Number
The Name of the Number looks at the history and anthropology of the ways in which numbers have been expressed throughout the ages and across different cultures.

8. Numeracy and Learning Difficulties 2nd Ed
The second edition of Numeracy and Learning Difficulties provides guidance on how to develop flexible teaching methods and strategies to improve mathematical skills of students. It discusses common areas of learning difficulty in mathematics and looks at ways teachers can determine gaps in students' knowledge, as well as how to develop curricula and problem-solving strategies to address these gaps.