Author(s) : Paul T. Costa Jr. and Robert R. McRae

Publisher : PAR, 1998


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Purpose: Obtain a quick four-factor measure of personality

Age: 18-96 years

Time: 25-35 minutes

Administration: Individual and group

The NEO-4 provides information on four personality domains:

  1. Extraversion
  2. Openness to Experience
  3. Agreeableness
  4. Conscientiousness

The 192 questionnaire items and the scoring keys are identical to those of the E, O, A, and C factors of the NEO Personality Inventory – Revised (NEO PI-R).

Norms for the NEO-4 are based on the NEO PI-R combined-gender normative sample. Detailed information about the rationale, development, reliability, factor structure, and validity of these four factors is available in the NEO PI-R Professional Manual.

The NEO-4 Manual Supplement presents a new way to interpret the four domains in terms of six personal styles: Interests, Interactions, Activity, Attitudes, Learning, and Character. Each style is defined by a graphic circumplex that combines two of the four factors.

Interpretation of these six personal style graphs supplements the interpretation of the four domains and 24 facets. Because the NEO-4 is multifaceted, it is possible to describe the many positive characteristics along with the less desirable qualities in a way that is readily acceptable to the individual.

The NEO 4 is designed for use in employment and personal counselling settings involving activities such as career counselling, career development, and employee training, where these four domains are the main focus.

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Paul T. Costa Jr. and Robert R. McRae

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