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My Personality

ISBN13: 9780975188835
Author(s): Mary McGuiness
Publisher: MaryMac Books
SKU code: 4014BK
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My Personality by celebrated type pioneer Mary McGuiness, is an ideal resource for introducing young children to personality differences.

Each child has certain innate preferences which usually develop in either childhood or adolescence. For each child, some preferences will be well developed and some will be poorly developed and of little interest. My Personality looks at the natural learning style differences that are found in children of different personality types.

Ideal for children between 7-10 years of age, My Personality conveys its message through the use of engaging cartoons and little text. The book is designed to be used in an interactive and fun way, with the parent or teacher guiding the learning.

Information for teachers and parents on how children of different types learn best is provided, as are brief descriptions of each of the 16 types as children.

My Personality is a great resource for encouraging appreciation of people's differences, and can assist in teaching diversity and acceptance in the classroom.

Author(s): Mary McGuiness